Structure of the Swiss Design Institute for Finance and Banking

The Swiss Design Institute for Finance and Banking [SDFB] is a college and university-affiliated research and development institute that is supported by an associated foundation.

These two legal entities, which are affiliated, yet independent, were founded in 2007 by representatives of Swiss institutes of higher education and their partners in the financial industry. By bringing together academic institutes and businesses, the SDFB is able to conduct future-oriented applied research into what are primarily interdisciplinary issues at the interface between the financial industry and its customers.

The SDFB Institute

The SDFB Institute serves as a platform for our partners from the academic and business communities. It not only initiates, carries out and supports R&D projects, but also organizes events and publishes results.

The SDFB Foundation

The SDFB Foundation supports the activities of the institute that are of a general and noncommercial nature and helps secure funding for them. The foundation is tax-exempt due to its nonprofit status.

Get to know the staff of the SDFB and learn more about the functions of its individual bodies:

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