Credit Suisse Friday Talk Design & Banking in the Digital Era

03. Oktober 2007, Credit Suisse

Nächster Eintrag

Take a break and take a new perspective with this month's CXFR talk. We've had some speakers from business, and now we welcome some folks with a broad vision from a unique institution. We're very pleased to welcome Prof. Gerhard Buurman and Lukas Schwitter, founders of the new Swiss Design Institute for Finance and Banking. Together, they'll present their thoughts on user-centred design (a subject close to the CXFR's heart), the role of design in banking, and the latest ideas in technology. We hope you can make it to what promises to be a unique and thought provoking presentation.The SDFB researches and develops processes, products and services to optimise the relationship between financial institutions and their customers with particular regard to digital and interactive technologies.

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